CC900LOW – Low slide Fridge Cable Caddy 900mm


900 Low slide Fridge Cable Caddy is designed to be installed on a slide that is mounted down low between a side wall or side wing kit. Or can be adapted to similar slide arrangements.

900 mm kit will work for slide extension lengths up to 900mm long

Our universal mounting bracket will allow the cable caddy to be mounted in a variety of ways.

Comes with all the mounting hardware and has 6mm heavy duty cable as standard with your choice of power sockets.

If you are unsure call to discuss with one of our technicians – we can also custom make to suit if you have a unique slide set up. Call 1300 300 450 or email photos of your slide to

Fridge Cable Caddy is protected by the following: 

Innovation Patent in Australia No. 2019101082 Sliding Vehicle Fridge Cable Management System LMA ref: 33338AU1. Patent will remain in force for a period of 8 years from the application date, that is until 19th September 2027


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