ES-220 Plus – Drop Slide Cable Caddy


Suits Clearview Brand Drop Slide model ES220 Plus

Our Cable Caddy system is specifically designed to be easily installed to a Clearview Drop Slide.

Not only will the Cable Caddy protect the power supply to your fridge it is the power supply!

Supplied with heavy duty 6mm cable with enough length to wire to your existing power supply or  you can order our extension cable kit CCABLEKIT to complete the power connection to your battery.

Protect your valuable fridge and slide with the Cable Caddy

Shorting out your power cable will not only damage your fridge imagine what could happen to your car!!

Fridge Cable Caddy is the solution to the power supply and protection of your car and fridge SIMPLE

Fridge Cable Caddy is protected by the following: 

Innovation Patent in Australia No. 2019101082 Sliding Vehicle Fridge Cable Management System LMA ref: 33338AU1. Patent will remain in force for a period of 8 years from the application date, that is until 19th September 2027


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